Off page Optimization

Off page Optimization
Off Page Optimization is the activity that is done on other sites for our site to increase search engine ranking.

Off page is what you do to promote your website like link building, social bookmarking, blog posting, directory submission, SMO etc.

Understanding “Off Page Optimization”
The complete SEO procedure works on two types of optimization Techniques.

  • On-Page SEO optimization.
  • Off-Page SEO optimization.

Both Techniques have their own discrete and extensive processes to rank websites on top of search engines.

The SEO process starts with on-page SEO optimization, in this process we basically focus on website content and tags. Once, the whole on-page SEO optimization is complete, and then off-page SEO optimization starts.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization includes tricks which are chosen to make relevant back links towards the website to make the web page appropriate in front of search engine spiders.

Off page SEO is done with the objective to improve our site’s search engine rankings outside of our site. One of the things that we can do off site to increase our rankings is “build up” more links. More links will normally lead to improved Google Page Rank and better search engine rankings. When we are trying to obtain more links, we need to think about quality. Not all links are created equal and links from low quality sites will have little or no impact on our rankings. The best types of back links that we can get are from trusted and good sources such as universities, research papers, newspapers and top of the directories like Yahoo and Google.


Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is the best method to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of online resources.
The SEO players look for related social bookmarking websites where they can bookmark their own website to get a back link from the site.
When we discover a web page that we find interesting, instead of having to remember the address of the webpage, we can basically save the address as a ‘bookmark’ in our browser. Social bookmarking is similar to saving favourites on our browser, except that here we are saving to a website that we can access from any computer in the world. But the important component of social bookmarking is the ‘social’ element. Each one can appear at each one else’s bookmarks. That would mean, we are looking for the content, that people already bookmarked.
We can also see how good is the quality of different content, by seeing how many times it’s been saved by special users. Mainly social bookmarking websites will display a number next to the content representing how many times it has been saved by a different user. These sites also show a continuously updated list of popular web pages. This can be an effective technique of finding remarkable content that we might not come across otherwise.

Social Marketing


Forum Posting: Forum Posting is a technique of link building in which website links are associated with good forum posts. In this technique, efforts are made to make back links from forum discussion in related niche forum websites. Web forums are used to produce traffic for the websites and web pages. Therefore, by communicating in web forums, the SEO specialists include the website links as signature in their reply. Forum posting is an essential &efficient SEO Link Building technique for receiving quality traffic and quality back links to our website and web pages.

What is Forum Posting? Forum is a place to talk about all topics, it’s nothing but discussion. Many people will take part & interactive here with their information, doubts and advices. Whoever has fine knowledge will take Questions& Answers them. He would address doubts, services, products. Forum also provides platform for suggestions, advices, feedbacks and more.

What to do for Forums Posting in SEO: When we go to forums, we need to put our links inside of our signature. We desire to write down comments on appropriate and relevant posts; through signature we will get a back link for each comment. It would help for search engine ranking and raise website traffic to our website. We have to promote our website through signature only.

Article Submission

Submission of articles in Reputed Directories is one of the best techniques for making back links. Article submission is one of the most admired and one of the oldest link building techniques known to the Search Engine Optimization Industry. On a daily basis many of articles are being submitted to these article directories by webmasters and Search Engine Optimization Experts to enhance the back links of the websites.

Now that search engines give big credit to back links, many link building techniques have come into the business. Article submission allows the users to propose their articles to the article directories and hold live links in the author box. At this time article directories get free content for their website and webmasters get their free of charge back links. When it was discovered that one way back links became extremely difficult, article submissions came as a big phenomenon to the webmasters. It is very essential that we get good quality back links for our website. All the web masters worked on this concept and article submission was used as one of the major link building techniques.

To get our links from article submissions, we will have to first accumulate an entire list of article directories and start signing up for our free account on that article directories. After this we can submit our articles. The articles that we submit will have a title, body, and author introduction. In the author resource text, we will be able to add our website’s link. It is from the author resource box we will get our back links. Each article submission website will have its own submission guidelines and regulations. We will have to make confident that our submissions obey with the article directory submission guidelines and regulations. Only when the guidelines are followed, article directories will approve our articles. Without the approval of articles, our search article will not crawl by search engines. So, we will have to follow the strategy closely to get our back links for our website through our submissions.


There are some other benefits to article submissions. We will be able to send a significant amount of traffic to our website by article submissions. We will be able to boost our traffic using article submissions. This again is another way of building traffic to our website. We should make use of article submissions to get stable one-way links for our website.

Directory submission

These are one other Off Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques that we can apply for making backlinks.

Directory Submission: Submission of website link into reputed web directories and internet directories is termed as Directory Submission. In the process of directory submission, the submission of URL, title, description and other information of website is submitted. There are lots of directories available on the internet. a little concise about the company, product, services, website is provided in directory submission. Directory submission refers to the procedure of addition our website to a web directory. The directory submission procedure involves submitting our website URL with other basic details of website. In the SEO World, directory submission is the elementary step taken by webmasters to get improved link popularity of a website. This process can be done by webmaster itself or he can outsource this task to other SEO company. The fee for doing directory submission for a website primarily depends on the number of directory submissions. Directory submission can be a free or a paid one. Depending on these, the SEO budget will also alter.


Impact of Directory Submission on Search Engine Rankings Occupying several links to our website on the web is like sign boards on the road. The more the links means more chances to get top ranking in search engine. Links to our website on the web serves as the traveling lane to our website. Directory submission is a method to create such links to make our presence felt throughout out the web. Submitting links to directories provide as the guidelines for the search engine spiders. The more often they see a link the more the chances of receiving to our site. The more the amount of time a search engine visits our site from external references the more the ranking they will give, considering our website is very essential. We can also target definite keywords or key phrases using directory submissions. Use the essential keywords/key phrases as titles for our directory submissions.

Directory Submissions and SEO The SEO persons who do SEO, treat directory submission as a preliminary step to off page optimization of a website. Links are measured as references to the website. Higher the quantity of references, the better will be the priority given to the website by the search engines. Obviously, creating large amount of Backlinks is not an easy task. But we can basically achieve the similar result with link building. Directory submissions are the most practical form of link building. That is the reason why SEOs prefer it as an easy way to create back links. Webmasters favor directory submission as fast and cost effective way to acquire the new sites noticed by search engines. And thus get indexed in the search database faster.

What to look for in a Directory Submission Service? The SEO persons typically outsource the directory submission part. Be a SEO specialist or a webmaster we need to be confident of the quality of directory submission service.

Timing of Submission The directory submission shouldn’t occur in a single day, except it is for an well-known website. For newer websites that are less than one year old, it is suggested to submit gradually. A good quality directory submission service should endow with us an option to submit slowly for best results.

Submission should be SEO Friendly We should make sure that the directories in which our websites are submitted are SEO friendly. The listed directories have to be working and should not have any broken links. Directories should be better and old.

Quality vs. Quantity– at present the web is swamped with directories that have never approved a single listing in years. Make sure our submission service is providing a tracking service so that we can see how various of the submitted listings are really getting approved. A good submission service does not submit to thousands of directories, as they identify only few of directories on the web are really approving.

Manual vs. Automated – Directory submission should be a manual process. We should not go for computerized and automatic submissions, as they will basically submit our websites to their own network of poor directories. More than that, it may even harm you as an addition to bad neighborhoods could do the worst to our website. Directory Submission is not a simple task. Many hours of labour and proper planning has to be there for the preferred results.

Blog Commenting


Even though social network has supplemented blogging to a large extent, it is still the best way to increase readership. Social network posts are very casual and they are great for conversations. However, when you post blogs that have genuine and interesting content, people are more interested in reading them.

Blog Commenting

In this technique, back links are created by commenting on different blogs and websites. The blog commenting is really effective on the same niche blog and websites.

Comments on blogs can produce precious links. Comments on DOFOLLOW blogs that are associated with our niche and links that points back to our website are quite effective. Blogs could be measured in popularity vote and could increase our website’s perceived relevancy to our subject matter. The more relevant Google believes our website is to our topic, the better for our site.

Where possible, comment on blogs and websites with an even more established presence than ours. Many blogs allow a space at the end of each post for a blog reader to leave a comment. The blog commenting field normally asks for the name of the commenter, their email address, and their website.

The comment space is actually important because it adds an interactive feature to the website or a blog. Users can distribute their thoughts and views on the topic and start a discussion with the other users and administrators.

Blog commenting is a famous online marketing tactic. By leaving solicitous comments on a blog post, a person is able to gain exposure among that website’s viewers. To get the most out of blog commenting, it is really essential to expend time researching good value blogs in our niche or area. By Providing important contributions to conversations, we will have an improved possibility of achieving a link and of directing traffic from that blog to our own site.

Press Release Submission

In Press Release Submission, the latest news is submitted in related websites.

Press release submission is one procedure of submitting news of events taking place within our corporation. There are a number of benefits of press release submission as well as back links from news websites, good position in Google news, and eventual media coverage. When we are writing our press release submission, we will make sure that public will want to read it. We should try to make press release like news paper article.

Press release websites are in general extremely well ranked and indexed by Google. When we submit a press release it can be ranked within a week. A good written press release submission can drive more traffic to our website and raise our probability of receiving links from other trusted websites. A high-quality matter for our press release submission could be the launch of a new product. A well written press release will put the spotlight on the benefits of the product. A very good press release can increase our traffic and give us visibility within our Industry while improving our business.

Classified Submission

Classified Ads are basically online ads which are placed on classified related websites. This is also the best method of getting backlinks. Classified is a small impressive ad placed where classified-ads websites take the interest of the desired visitor. Though, online classifieds varies from the ordinary advertising or common business models ads, it helps us in Search Engine Optimization by promoting the traffic (passage) to the presented website. Classified submission increases the traffic level to our website.

We can place free classified ads in the really admired websites and also get the most coverage for a free classified ad.

Classified Submission Advantages:

  • Important for short-term responses.
  • The advertisers bring true value for their money and get excellent returns.
  • Helps to produce brand alertness in the social networks.
  • Produce high revenues.
  • Allow the classified of our regular sales to obtain good response.
  • Simple to propose and placed better for the objective internet visitors.

Video Submission

Backlinks can also be created by submitting videos in video sharing websites like You Tube, Vimeo etc. Videos help us in passing our message easily &there by increasing our sales, improving our reputation and also increasing website traffic. One of the most modern trends these days in building backlinks and driving traffic to a website is video submission.

Off late, this procedure has become really popular among the webmasters. Video submission is a procedure where we produce a video which can be purely text based or containing a power point presentation and sound and then uploading and submitting this video to video submission sites.

The main motto behind video submission is that search engines allocate more weightage to pages containing videos. For example, if we submit a video of our product on YouTube, then when anyone searches for that product on the Internet, the possibility of our video showing in the top results is much higher when compared to not having any video. If we put a link pointing to our website in this video or under it, it can benefit us as well as our site.

Video Submission Advantages:

  • Helping for getting more traffic.
  • Building more back links for our site.
  • Search engines give more weightage to videos

Search Engine Submissions

Search engine submission refers to the process or act of getting the website listed with search engines. It is also called as search engine registration. Registering with a search engine doesn’t mean that you will definitely rank well for particular terms, it just means that search engines know your website very well.

Along with proper keyword research, link building forms one of the pillars of search engine optimization. The basic principle used by all search engines to gauge your popularity is still, counting the number of links that point to your website.

However, the rules have changed considerably over the last 3 years. Here is what search engines want from your website: Backlinks to your website must be organic (and not part of an excessive strategy) Links should appear on quality websites (as determined by their Page Rank) If many links are found on your website on link farms and content farms, Google and Bing will downgrade your rankings severely High quality link building will lead your web pages to appear in the top 10 or 20 search results on search engines

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