Analytics & Business

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

iiiQ is a trusted partner for enterprises to drive digital transformation outcomes.

We bring together Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics, AI accelerators, and Consulting expertise to deliver contextual AI-powered analytics solutions for customer experience and operational effectiveness.
We make our customer’s journey as the one which is Data Driven. Impact of this approach is an easier, faster and a sustainable journey.
We also leverage unique problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, and data science capabilities to help companies accelerate their transformation journeys and build digital enterprises of the future


Analytical Solutions

  • iiiQ’s Data Engineering Practice specializes in building Data Lakes, Data Marts and Data Warehouses using AI analytics.
  • We provide a wide variety of data engineering solutions, along with database analytics.
  • Our team includes specialists in fetching data from public and commercial data sources. They can efficiently integrate, clean and thereby enhance clients data efficiency.
  • Sales IQ is a unique product from iiiQ designed for all commercial organizations having sales teams as small as 5 people to as many as 500 people.
  • We have customized solutions for clients in each industry.