ERP Solutions

Look through our effective enterprise resource planning solution for end-to-end business planning and management.

Handle Your Business Data Smartly On Our Equipped ERP Tool

Managing your business processes, tracking them and efficiently managing them on a unified platform is a hard concern for a lot of businesses today. At the same time, the costs for multiple software licenses and employ training is a huge concern.

Opt for MCIapps ERP solution to handle day-to-day business processes, including inventory and order management, supply chain, accounting, human resources, procurement and customer relationship management. Get your business processes on the line.

Special ERP


Unified Cloud Platform

Increase and optimize overall performance with our feature-rich application tool.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Cut down all your overhead costs incurred from multiple management softwares.

Increased Productivity

Improve your team’s productivity by using a sophisticated management tool.

Better Customer Service

Connect with our dedicated customer service team and solve all software related issues.

Easy Integration

Integrate our ERP tool with all your existing softwares and widen flexibility.

Reporting & Monitoring

Get customized reports and monitor daily sales through the MCi Apps software.

Transform into a faster, responsive and efficient business

iiiQbets can help your business become more efficient and cost-effective by automating your entire business processes from managing inventory to generating invoices. Be on top of all your business operations by easily managing your day-to-day processes on the go with our ERP solutions.