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Competitive analysis & tools used for competitive analysis

As a first step in Competitive Analysis, look for & validate your SEO Competitors. Once you have the potential competitors that you have gathered from different relevant sources then it’s a time to validate them, by analysing and filtering which of those are really already in ranking, and to which degree, for the same keywords that you were already targeting.

Competitor analysis could be a lot easier if you have the correct tools.

We’ve tried out a lot of various services over the years, thus we feel comfortable in suggesting some of the below tools that can qualify as “the most effective”

Here you go

  • Similar Web — is used to check the Traffic and Audience.
  • Alexa— is used to check the local ranking and the Backlinks/Bounce rate.
  • GTMETRIX – The is used to check the loading time.
  • Google Page Speed test: -To test the speed of all the subpages and to analyse the performance of the site based on page speed.
  • Majestic SEO: – and is used to check the test flow and citation flow of the website.
  • Moz: – are used to check the domain authority and page authority.
  • SEMRUSH: – is used to find a competitor’s traffic and backlinks.

You can Look forward to my next Blog for few more tips and Tools on Competitive Analysis.

Abhijith Mavatoor


Abhijith Mavatoor

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