Frequently Asked Questions

How will be the Journey of Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a “journey” for any customer irrespective of their size. We cover all the “SIX” major components of Digital Transformation Journey namely Process Reengineering for Digitization, Creating Digital Infrastructure for Transformation, Digital Marketing to generate opportunities, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence for data driven decision making, Cloud Services for data protection and efficiency, Application development to meet business requirements of digitization. We provide comprehensive service suit for our customer. 

How long will Digital Transformation of an organization take? What is the time frame?

Digital Transformation is a journey. This becomes way of life once it starts. There is no time frame for such a journey. For organizations to start and get to acceptable level of digitization it might take anywhere from 6 months to 12 months. After that organizations will have to continue their journey to remain relevant in current technology driven world.

How do you guarantee Data Security and Information Privacy?

We follow some of the strict norms for Data Security and Information Privacy protection. We maintain dedicated networks for specific projects when required. Our ODC are access controlled with two level security. All our WFH adoptions are with VPN facilities. More detailed information on this subject can be provided to clients seeking specific information. 

Do you take up Digital Marketing as a whole package or do you also take up only few specific components of Digital Marketing?

We usually take up Digital Marketing as part of the Digitization Journey. But for specific customers we can take up Digital Marketing based on scope for future Digital Transformation journey with the customer.

Can you create chatbots to Fit my requirements?

Yes, we can. That’s part of what we offer as part of redundant our AI / ML capabilities. That’s also part of standard Digital Infrastructure that we create for our customers.

On what model you take up project work?

We offer three distinct engagement models:
Time and Materials, so you can focus on your product and making it desirable for the market whilst we do the rest.
Dedicated teams or ODCs that gives you the ability to concentrate on your core business as we take care of software development.
Extended teams (staffing), allows you to get the right people to work with your team.

What is the minimum size of project that you take on?

We take all sizes of projects starting from projects as low as 100K. This depends on the availability of resources to execute projects. Small value projects usually include;

  • Small Website developments for start ups, micro and small businesses.
  • Managing company social media profile.
  • Managing individual’s digital profile…. etc.
Can we outsource complete marketing activity Including Fileld marketing to iiiQbets ?

No, we take only Digital Marketing activities for organizations. We do not take field marketing activities. However, we can advise on sales & field marketing activities.

Do you also take consulting work on sales & business development ?

Yes, we take consulting on sales and business development. We help in setting up sales organization and managing accounts. (KAM – Key Account Management). We also consult on various models to develop business which help in generating prospective leads.

Are standalone Web designing projects are entertained?

Are standalone Web designing projects are entertained?

Do you take implementation responsibility of Business Process Re-engineering or consulting portion?

As strategic partner for Digital Transformation, we take the complete responsibility of Business Process Re-engineering.

Do you take Business Strategy Consulting?

Yes, we do take business strategy consulting predominantly as part of Digital Transformation journey. On rare cases we advise strategic customers on business strategy without being involved in execution.

What are the vertical markets that you address in Data Analytics?

Retail, Distribution, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing & Financial Services.

Can you do staffing?

Yes, we do “staffing” specifically for AI / ML / Data science resources. This is done mostly for some of our existing customer. New staffing would completely depend on the type of resources required and our bench strength.

Can you create ODC?

Yes. That is one of our core strengths. We can create ODCs and development centers in low-cost centers like Mysore, which is known for producing high quality, skilled IT resources.

Can we outsource non-core activities like Accounts & Finance work to you?

NO, we do not take non technology work.

Do you do training?

Yes, we do both Corporate training and Technical training specifically on AI / ML / Data Science.

Do you hire freshers?

Yes, we do hire freshers mostly from campus. But we also allow freshers to apply through our career portal.

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